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A sigh of Relief for Kenyans in Diaspora on New Passports

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Kenyans in diaspora shall be issued with new generation passports in their countries of residence after a directive from the President while in Namibia on Thursday.

The president said that the immigration department and the Foreign Affairs ministry should work on making it easy for the Kenyans abroad as it was unnecessary for them to spend much of their time and resources traveling back to Nairobi to acquire the new passports.

“Form a team that will go from country to country to register Kenyans in the diaspora. No Kenyan should be forced to spend money to travel to Kenya to get passports,” he said at the Windhoek Country Club where he was meeting Kenyans living and working in the southern African nation.

Kenyans in the diaspora have been finding it hard to get the vital document and hence the concern by one of the Kenyans who had attended the meeting.

Previously, many Kenyans in the diaspora were forced to undergo many expenses, endure long queues at the Immigration Department to acquire the document, thanks to the new directive.

According to the director-general of the department Alex Muteshi, several mechanisms had been put in place early last month in a bid to have Kenyans in Berlin, Paris, Washington, Dubai, London, and Johannesburg renew their passports in the next two months.

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Source: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/diaspora/New-passports-Uhuru-Kenyatta-Kenyans-in-diaspora/2107720-5036574-p05fknz/index.html

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