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CynergiLink; The Diaspora Investment Club to Belong!

Jacquiline 3 years ago

Kenyan’s in UK’s diaspora have decided to come to together to build a diaspora investment club where membership is acquired through subscription.

The group focuses on being a long-term investment institution for Kenyans in diaspora despite being in it’s initial stages with interim leaders.

“We hope to be the number one choice for investors”, said Ms Josephine Njogu, the interim chairperson.

The members aim to gain self-development by investing via the club with a promise of transparency which is a key virtue for Kenyans abroad who want to invest back home. This is because, their trust has been betrayed before by being swindled by family members or other entrusted parties while they made an effort to invest in Kenya through them.

CynergiLink comes to bridge this gap with equal partner membership where project shall be proposed, debated on and funded by all members with none dictating the activities that must be done.

The soon to be diaspora powerhouse, aims at capturing the market through brand awareness and becoming the biggest diaspora group dominating London Stock Exchange within the next five to eight years which they term as their long-term goal.

The drivers of change are none other than any Kenyan living in UK willing to subscribe to membership at only 100 pounds as well as give a monthly contribution of 50 pounds for commitment as the membership grows and deliberates on investments projects to engage in as elaborated by the Communications manager, Ms Mukami.

Investment in real estate has always been the first area of interest for Kenyans in Diaspora and it is not an exception in CynergiLink as highlighted by the interim IT specialist, Patrick Muriuki. The group even suggested to take it a notch higher by considering investing in London’s property unlike the usual back home.

If you are looking to be a member you can join the group and be part of the self-development focused group and reach out to the group.

You can watch First CynergiLink Meeting

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