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AgriTech Expo Brings Poultry Farmers New Technologies Options

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Farmers in the poultry keeping sector have interacted and learnt from various international companies that supply equipment’s across the globe to farmers during the Agritech Africa Expo.

Big Dutchman Company from German, outstood others as they showcased a technology that simplifies poultry farming.

The company’s product, named ViperTouch is an equipment that every farmer would love to have as it helps the farmer monitor his farming while at his office.

The system is connected in a way that the farmer can control room heating system systems, feeding systems, controls fans, and get first-hand data on what is happening at the farm. The system records all essential data concerning production, growth, feed, and water consumption as well as mortality.

The data recorded will be provided to the farmer’s computer, and this enables the farmer to manage the farm easily in hand with his day job.

With this system, poultry farmers can take the required actions after been provided with the data in leading to better performance results and increased economic efficiency of the production. The system is made in a way that it can monitor both breeds, broilers or layers.

After having the system installed by the company, the farmer will be able to view all these data through a graphical color display screen. The system has easily recognizable symbols which are quite easy to interpret, understand, and navigate.

For large scale farmers, then the BigFarmNet Manager can be great software to buy to link with ViperTouch.  With the BigFarmNet Manager, this is a farm computer program that allows the customer to list and visualize, process and control the house climate, and production data on his computer. The two programs work for hand in hand to enable the farmer to monitor his farm while at the office or handling other duties.

The company has also been designing and distributing poultry cages for efficient egg production for half a century. Whether the producer operates in tropical climates and uses natural ventilation, the birds are housed in closed barns on Siberian farms at temperatures much below freezing point or the birds receive feed and water manually or fully automatically and computer-aided.

Other products sold by the company include Pullet rearing, Aviary systems, Mobile housing system, Enriched colony systems, Layer breeder management, Poultry house management, Poultry climate control, Poultry house lighting, Residue treatment, Feed storage / Feed transportation, Farm packers and Power supply.

New technology is being developed to help increase the efficiency of farming at an alarming rate; but one concern is whether farmers can embrace these new innovations before another new wave is introduced. Interested farmers can visit the company’s website https://www.bigdutchman.com

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