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Technological Innovations Transforming Agribusiness

Jacquiline 2 years ago

Climate change is gradually threatening agriculture which is the source of food for the human race. Last week, the weatherman told Kenyans not to expect the long rains.

This is a huge blow to the Kenyan farmer and consequently to the food market (especially the common mwananchi) as farming in the country majorly relies on rain.

Farmers, entrepreneurs in agribusiness, innovators and government have been challenged to improve the food production industry which has resulted in fruitful innovations already that are under pilot projects and others are readily available in the market.

The technological advances have focused on access to financial credits, curbing pest and disease, proper record keeping, weather forecasting, soil fertility test and access to market as they are some of the key areas that influence agribusiness.

Kenyan farmers can now save, borrow and buy farm in puts thanks to Agri-Wallet, an innovative mobile business account. This platform works with farmers who have been registered in a farmers’ co-operative society as explained by Dodore (innovators’) Financial Officer, one Gidraf Wachira.

Cooperative societies are extended a financial credit by Dodore  which in turn enables them pay farmers on time.

“The co-operative society then pays their respective farmers through either banks or mobile money but 20 percent of the farmer’s income is sent to the farmer’s agri-wallet account,” Wachira elaborates.

 “What is in the agri-wallet account can be used to purchase farm inputs from agro-dealers. The inputs could be seeds, fertilisers, animal feeds, or drugs,” he says.

A farmer who sells 40 litres of milk daily to his co-operative, says he has been using Agri-wallet platform for the last eight months. He praises the innovation as he explains that previously, delayed payments for farmers was the order of the day forcing them to sell their milk to middlemen. However, since the introduction of the technology, farmers are paid on the first week of every month.”

Other innovations revolutionizing agribusiness include Ujuzi kilimo, DigiCow and SunCulture.

To learn more about the platforms follow the link: https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/corporate/tech/Cutting-edge-innovations-that-are-changing/4258474-5076748-kltpe3z/index.html

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