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Low Coffee Production Might See Kenya Kicked Out of International Coffee Market

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Kenya has been growing coffee for over a century now, since 1893 when it was first introduced in Kenya. 

The total area under coffee is estimated at 160,000 hectares, about one-third of which is the plantation sector and the rests under the smallholder sector with an estimated 700,000 growers.

However, the country risks from being suspended from International Coffee Market as it has not been able to reach 1percent of the world productions as required by International Coffee Market.

Currently, the country’s production stands at 42, 000 metric tonnes down from 142,000 metric tonnes which used to be produced by the time when the country joined the market.

According to the Director of Nuf Coffee Company Faith Karimi, production in the country has been dwindling very fast reaching below the law of 1 percent raising a red flag.

She said that plans are underway to enlighten the farmers on the need of growing the crop for the country to retain its trading license. A move that will see experts sent to over 24 counties.

 She urged farmers at Njukiri Showground to embark on single stem coffee farming in which the farmer will only plant one stem and tend to.

“If the 24 counties can achieve their target,the country will be safe and the farmers will be able to earn Ksh.300 per Kilo which will help them meet their daily needs,” said Karimi.
Source: https://citizentv.co.ke/business/kenya-risks-kicked-international-coffee-market-experts-225176/

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