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Fish Farming in your Backyard

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Raising fish has gained popularity in recent years. More people are seeking to provide a healthy food source for their families.

Raising fish at home is a safer alternative than buying fish from the store.

Enthusiastic about raising fish in your backyard pond? There are four main ways to breed fish in your backyard.

You can raise your fish in a farm pond, backyard koi pond, a swimming pool, or you can go the in-depth route of aquaponics.

But before you start the venture, there is a need for gathering as much information about the investment as possible.

However, before tossing money in the venture, its always advised you analyze your market potential and make the appropriate plans for your business. Setting goals to achieve from the word go is fundamental.

Think of how the fish will be processed, packaged and stored if start large-scale farming. What type of fish is best for your area and its availability.

So what will you need to have the business running? There are two types of costs involved with the business, startup capital and continuous operation costs. However, you might need to spend less as some of the resources are readily available at home.

Analyze how much you will need for digging a pond, plumbing services, a water pump, getting juvenile fish, buying containers, buying feeding, and maintenance costs.

You will also need to think about other expenses like transportation fee, distribution and storage costs. Putting into consideration all the costs will be much significant before starting the venture.

After starting the venture, you will need to emphasize the security of the fish.

Some animals like rats can invade the facility at night by chewing away at the net that forms the fence around the ponds to keep the fish from escaping during floods.

Most farmers consider having many cats in their homes of which might also come with an extra cost. However, you can find other methods available in the market to protect your venture.

Notably, fish is an excellent source of health, nutritious food and they are not costly to keep. Backyard fish farming can help ensure food security and save the lake from the pressure which has been chocking under over-fishing.

Industry players are supporting such initiatives as a way of increasing nutrition for families while earning a decent income.

Institutions like FAO have cited fish farming as a vital practice capable of giving smallholder farmers alternatives in the wake of climate change which has taken a toll on farms and yields.

Source: https://biznakenya.com/how-to-carry-out-fish-farming-in-you-backyard/

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