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Farmers Urged to Insure Their Farms to Maximize Profits

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Farmers have been advised to consider taking insurance covers for their plants and animals in a bid to evade incurring heavy losses resulting from erratic weather patterns which have been due to climatic changes.

Farmers will also have the chance to benefit from the move and be able to boost the country’s food production and security.

Rampant climate changes have seen the agriculture sector and stakeholders seeking for funds in a bid to make it more mechanized and lower the risks involved.

CIC CEO, Tom Gitogo, added that the insurance companies in the country have a role to play, and that’s stepping up and protecting them via expansion of their portfolios to cover agriculture.

Gitogo made the remarks while at the launch of NGOMBE BIMA at Kiambu County which is set to cover the dairy cows.

Notably, the farmers are allowed to use their animals as collateral during loans application.

The county residents were encouraged to embrace the product to increase milk and meat production to supplement Coffee and tea earnings.

Coffee and tea have recently been having fluctuating international prices and this led the Kiambu farmers to start dairy farming to counter the effects.

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